kamuntu jollyAward for Communication – 2012

Democratic republic of Congo (DRC)

AFEM (Association de Femmes des Medias du Sud Kivu)

Tags: justice, war, responsible citizenship, radio, local collectivity.

Kamuntu Jolly, the expressionist. Kamuntu Jolly is 36 years old, she has three kids and she is a communicator. Madam Kamuntu is that lawyer who got into the radio like in religion: with faith and passion. She started with Catholic radio Maria in 2000 and she joined radio Maendeleo afterwards in 2004. She had different functions first as a collaborator up to the direction of radio Maendeleo through the positions of journalist, redactor and responsible of programs. Today, Kamuntu is the director of radio Maendeleo and head of the AFEM.

Problem: In the South Kivu region of the DRC rural community have no voice at all. They are excluded from public goods. With the war in Eastern Congo indeed armed groups move everywhere and have worsened the conditions of countrymen in an area where the life style of people was already bad. Injustice is a rule.

Action: Kamuntu started to work as a journalist who was opposed to the violation of the Human Rights. At work, she handles the tasks between men and women with no favor to this or to that position. She gives the voice to people who have no voice any more, she promotes their life conditions within an area of a real poverty. Kamuntu makes field visits for listening to armed groups, she talks to improve the rule of law and to support initiatives for real justice. She reveals some truths that no other official channel would dare to underscore in public media. This attracts her hatred from armed groups and threats to death. She works with the 145 radio clubs in the area. These clubs are more close to the mob and offer the populations more chances for debating serious issues online. Through these radio clubs people have the opportunity to talk freely, they discuss social issues, … they participate in the transformation of their society.

Harubuntu Dimension: Kamuntu could have been that good journalist with some willing to spend days and nights in bush with armed groups for reporting on their heroic actions in a place where none else would dare to go. She could give the voice to everyone but this would be normal action since community radios are created for that. She has the privilege to promote the culture of openness, dialogue and voice. Her action goes beyond her job as journalist; she organizes radio clubs and she stimulates the mob to use that chance to express their voices. This is how rural people in Eastern Congo have won the contact with the authority for a discussion on core issues like peace and governance. What makes Kamuntu noticeable is her way to walk against the taboos about women; she succeeded to show the capability of women in South Kivu to contribute to local development and to the transformation of their society.


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