Videos & audios

Here is a list of available videos and sounds. If you wish to use this material, please contact us, we have the sources in high definition for the majority of these documents.

Honorary Award HARUBUNTU 2013 : Florida Mukarubuga, Amakaramizero.

Florida Mukarubuga from Rwanda, Honorary Award. From a family of cattle owners, Florida goes to Kigali for social assistant studies. She worked at a public health centre for many years. After the genocide she wanted to support the so numerous women who weakened and made vulnerable by the war and who often were lonely. She integrated the Amizero association (Solidarity for the progress of Rwandan women). With members of Amizero she created a company to produce and to sell bio-energy.

Award for Local leadership HARUBUNTU 2013 : Noëline Razanadrakoto, association FIOMBONANTSOA – « Stones are valuable resources for women in the rural Madagascar ».

Noëline Razanadrakoto from Madagascar, Award for Local leadership. After her studies in accounting, Noëline went to settle in Masiatra, a rural area in the centre of Madagascar. She slowly engaged herself in local development. Her contribution is based on a fate that she trusts in her own capability and in that of the villagers. She looked for political positions and won as a local leader. After elections she chaired a committee of men.

Honorary award HARUBUNTU 2013 : Juana Ventsohantaina Hellia, Support to parenthood.

Juana Ventsohantaina Hellia from Madagascar, Honorary award. Raised by her mom and inspired by her struggle, Juana fights for herself and for her community. After her studies as a social assistant she worked for a school which received underprivileged children. Soon she had to face a serious challenges most of them linked to the poverty: kids who were sick, kids who did not show up at school, … Juan decided to work on these problems and to collaborate with the parents for the sake of their children.

Award for entrepreneurship HARUBUNTU 2013 : Valentin Achidi Agon, API-Palu.

Valentin Achidi Agon from Benin, Award for entrepreneurship. Valentin is a medical doctor with a second specialization in development policies and company management. He dreams to see an Africa which is proud and independent. He develops initiatives for the development of his country. It is in that context that he created the foundation “Destiny of Africa” which gives awards to young talents.