Award for Local Leadership – 2011


Women in rural areas, a key for the development in Madagascar

Tags: women, non violence, poverty, development, participative management.

«All people convinced her to give up her fight. The more challenges she met the more convincing and sharp was her speech. Then a crowd of men and women gathered around this woman with a loudspeaker.»

«Federate, defending the rights of each person peacefully.»

Eva Monique Ravaloriaka, virtuoso kind: Former educator, Eva Monique Ravaloriaka, smiling woman and effective proponent of simplicity, is now mayor of the municipality of Manjakandriana, located 45 km from Antananarivo. Agronomist by training, she awakens the 25,000 inhabitants of his town to the dynamics of economic and human development.

Problem : In a patriarchal society in which the woman is considered a "soft gentle", poverty and lack of institutional structures taking care of the kind have serious consequences on women's lives. Abused, reduced to menial labor and procreation, they are deprived of training and have little access to positions of responsibility. To top it all, the absence of civil status for married women under customary law, exacerbating the conflict with their husbands.

Action : As a child, poverty and violence against women in Madagascar, have marked and have decided to enter politics. Since then, it multiplies the actions of development, gender dynamics, the protection of the poor and women. Among the most important activities which it is the linchpin, emerges the construction of dozens of houses, stairs désenclavent hills, roads, schools, health centers, a public market, ... But the point organ of its policy remains the kind of action: helping people to acquire a vital record, mass weddings that have already helped more than two hundred couples have a legal existence; organization conciliation process for disputes of all kinds (torque, neighborhood, professional ...), leading to a 90% reduction in the number of court proceedings; implementation of training to raise awareness of gender issues and creating structures course composed of men and women.

Harubuntu Dimension : Federate, defend the weakest uncompromising but smooth. This woman, hard worker, began to serve the people with the determination of those who know where they are going, highlights of the rightness of their vision. It "dares to express the importance of female non-confrontational", using an intelligent custom FIHAVANANA Malagasy, meaning respect, constructive dialogue, cooperation and participation of all. The notion of complementarity and reciprocity between men and women is at the heart of his approach.


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