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Honorary Award HARUBUNTU 2013 : Florida Mukarubuga, Amakaramizero.

Florida Mukarubuga from Rwanda, Honorary Award. From a family of cattle owners, Florida goes to Kigali for social assistant studies. She worked at a public health centre for many years. After the genocide she wanted to support the so numerous women who weakened and made vulnerable by the war and who often were lonely. She integrated the Amizero association (Solidarity for the progress of Rwandan women). With members of Amizero she created a company to produce and to sell bio-energy.

Honorary award HARUBUNTU 2013 : Juana Ventsohantaina Hellia, Support to parenthood.

Juana Ventsohantaina Hellia from Madagascar, Honorary award. Raised by her mom and inspired by her struggle, Juana fights for herself and for her community. After her studies as a social assistant she worked for a school which received underprivileged children. Soon she had to face a serious challenges most of them linked to the poverty: kids who were sick, kids who did not show up at school, … Juan decided to work on these problems and to collaborate with the parents for the sake of their children.

Award for Local leadership HARUBUNTU 2013 : Noëline Razanadrakoto, association FIOMBONANTSOA – « Stones are valuable resources for women in the rural Madagascar ».

Noëline Razanadrakoto from Madagascar, Award for Local leadership. After her studies in accounting, Noëline went to settle in Masiatra, a rural area in the centre of Madagascar. She slowly engaged herself in local development. Her contribution is based on a fate that she trusts in her own capability and in that of the villagers. She looked for political positions and won as a local leader. After elections she chaired a committee of men.

Award for entrepreneurship HARUBUNTU 2013 : Valentin Achidi Agon, API-Palu.

Valentin Achidi Agon from Benin, Award for entrepreneurship. Valentin is a medical doctor with a second specialization in development policies and company management. He dreams to see an Africa which is proud and independent. He develops initiatives for the development of his country. It is in that context that he created the foundation “Destiny of Africa” which gives awards to young talents.

Award for Civil society HARUBUNTU 2013 : Yasmina El Alaoui, Youth centre of cultures and associations (Maison des jeunes, des cultures et des associations - MJCA).

Yasmina El Alaoui from Burkina Faso, Award for Civil society. With her French - Moroccan origins but with no feelings to these countries though, Yasmina travels in search for her identity. Her trip takes to Burkina Faso where she has settled, twenty years back. Well integrated in Ouagadougou she creates the “Youth centre of cultures and associations” (Maison des jeunes, des cultures et des associations - MJCA) in 2007.

Award for Civil society HARUBUNTU 2013 : Laurien Ntezimana, Association "Modeste et Innocent".

Laurien Ntezimana from Rwanda, Award for Civil society. It is in Leuven, where he prepares his dissertation in theology that Laurien Ntezimana discovers the Taoism as a philosophy. He decides then to engage his thesis for his future: leaving the easy ways and pursue the “good power”. For Laurien Ntezimana “good power” is the maturity of the human being (See Libres paroles d’un théologien rwandais : joyeux propos de bonne puissance, Karthala, Paris, 1998). He returns in Rwanda in the 90’s to fight against violence before, during and after the genocide. In 2000, he creates the association AMI as for continuing with his ways to develop the ubuntu through the “good power” vision.

Honorary Award HARUBUNTU 2012: Jude Zounmenou, artist.

Jude Zounmenou, Benin, Civil Society Honorary Award for his action in Education, Culture and upgrading of the status of African artists through puppetry. Project Name: Teni-Tedji: The 72 hours of the marionnet in Benin.

Honorary Award HARUBUNTU 2012: Esther Vololona Razazarivola, justice for all!

Esther Vololona Razazarivola, Madagascar, Honorary Award for the Civil Society for her work for justice for the farmers land in Madagascar. Project Name: Preventing violence for land in remote areas.

Honorary Award HARUBUNTU 2012: Ollie David Levi, self made person.

Ollie David Levi of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Honorary Award for the Civil Society for its ability to have exceeded its own condition of street children and its action in favor of street children of Kinshasa. Name of Project: NGO for the integration of street children in Congo (AEJERC).

Award HARUBUNTU 2012: Saly Wade: Cuisine to reconcile identity, gastronomy and the health.

Saly Wade of Senegal, the Award for Entrepreneurship. For its action in favor of the restoration of a healthy local food, symbol of life and an act of sharing. Project Name: La Compagnie du Bien Manger

Award HARUBUNTU 2012: Kamuntu Jolly, the expressionist.

Kamuntu Jolly, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Communication Award for its action in favor of women's status in the Great Lakes region as well as its ability to organize and broadcast on the radio the voice of local communities. Project Name: AFEM (Association de Femmes des Medias du Sud Kivu)

Award HARUBUNTU 2012: Murabazi Namegabe, a carrier of peace.

Murabazi Namegabe of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Civil Society Award for his release, risking his life every day, nearly 50,000 child soldiers in 18 years and for his work for the reintegration of child soldiers into civilian life. Project Name: Preventing child abuses in armed conflicts.

Favorite HARUBUNTU 2011: Abdellah Adouz, develop without damage.

Abdellah Adouz is mayor of the municipality of Fask, a small town south of Agadir. Abdellah embodies this new generation of young African mayors who do not hesitate, on the one hand, to sit under the palaver tree, surrounded by the residents to discuss concerns of everyday life, and secondly, to travel 800 km to find support and funding for the development of his town.

HARUBUNTU 2011 winner: Toima Kiroya, the taboo-breaker.

The Maasai Emboreet suffer from a series of problems related to their nomadic life. This is from his story that Toima Kiroya begins to change his view of its traditions and way of life. Means he chooses to meet its challenges is settling.

Honorary prize HARUBUNTU 2011: Moussa Mara, transparent policy.

Mayor of the District IV Bamako since 2009, nothing Moussa Mara intended to enter politics. This entry is a cry of indignation.

Winner Harubuntu 2011: Israel Yoroba Guebo, blogger of the Voiceless

Côte d'Ivoire has recently undergone a major political crisis. In this context of instability, where speech and information are owned and / or controlled by government policies, freedom of the press is undermined. The information delivered by the media is essentially political and oriented, societal issues and people's daily there are no echoes.

Action: It realizes the weight and influence of local information and engage with other young people to develop a community blog to allow young people to be a voice in society: www. Today, 225 Avenue has allowed many young people from across the country to meet within a space of expression and debate divergent and participatory and to work together on a common citizenship. 225 Avenue has already made small: one sees the "avenues" completed their respective code throughout the region. These blogs allow people to change society, to expose wrongdoing and encourage local potentials.

HARUBUNTU 2011 winner: Eva Monique Ravaloriaka, virtuoso kind.

Former educator, Eva Monique Ravaloriaka, smiling woman and efficient fan of simplicity, is now mayor of the municipality of Manjakandriana. Agronomist by training, she awakens the 25,000 inhabitants of his town to the dynamics of economic and human development.

Mbaindo Djasnabeye, winner Harubuntu 2010 - honorary prize - Chad.

His project, carriers of peace, aims to peace education through drama and music for responsible citizenship.

Marie-Claire Mwenya, winner Harubuntu 2010 - honorary prize - Zambia.

His project aims to restore dignity to women in difficulty from Lusaka.

NGO TV - Harubuntu 2008 - Winner of Civil Society.

Ini Inkouraba Youl Damien, winner Harubuntu 2010 - Honorary prize - Burkina Faso.

His project, Aliniha, aims to enable poor women to become leaders as agents of economic change, social and environmental communities. Project site:

The Handifestival.

The first international cultural festival of disabled persons has been selected by Harubuntu in 2008.

Emerson Hekeabeka Massa, winner Harubuntu 2010 - prize civil society - Republic of Congo.

His project, come and see, is to rehabilitate blind and visually impaired of Congo - Brazzaville.

Presentation of Boubacar Doumbia, winner Harubuntu 2010 - Entrepreneurship price - Mali.

His project, the ndomo, aims to create employment for young girls and boys. The project uses the traditional dyeing techniques. Project site:

Closure of registrations, on June 4th, midnight.

Audio clip mobilization of candidatures (French).

Video of the launch of 2011 Harubuntu awards.

Harubuntu is the story of hope and creators of wealth in Africa that demonstrate the potential of Africa.

December 9, 2010 intervention of Jean-Pierre Elong Mbassi, Secretary General of UCLGA (United Cities and Local Governments of Africa) during the meeting with the international press. He reiterates the fundamental principles of Harubuntu awards and the role of the winners.

Press conference to launch the contest Harubuntu Nov. 9 at City Hall of Brussels.

Marrakech RTG - Awards Harubuntu - a News and Politics.

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