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Tags: malaria, medicament, tradition, industry.

« My dream is to see the four corners of Africa using the local resources for developing local transformation industries. »

« The impossible becomes possible when the human being courageous enough and dare to reach farther beyond his imagination. »

Valentin in few words: Valentin is a medical doctor with a second specialization in development policies and company management. He dreams to see an Africa which is proud and independent. He develops initiatives for the development of his country. It is in that context that he created the foundation “Destiny of Africa” which gives awards to young talents.


The destiny of Africa

Changing the regard

Valentin Achidi Agon knows how the population in Benin underestimates its capability and talents. He would like people to change the regard they have on themselves. In place of waiting for foreign aid, Valentin Achidi Agon would like to find local solutions to local problems and to achieve the development of his country.

Local solutions

Based on a conviction that it is paramount to produce locally and to consume locally as to boost the local economy, Valentin Achidi Agon starts the “API-Benin” together with Celestin Kinnoudo in 1997. The company produces medicines on basis of local plants and honey as a first step towards a valuation of local resources. And, based on traditional healing, the company has developed a treatment against malaria as one of the twenty products they make. API-PALU, the treatment is distributed in all Benin. For Valentin Achidi Agon, a country which only imports can hardly make its own development.

A source of inspiration and motivation

Valentin would like to see other people developing industrial projects as he did himself. He invites each citizen in Benin, especially the youth, to be active and to initiate projects as to make Benin less dependent from foreign aid and products. Giving awards to local entrepreneurs is the objective of the foundation “the destiny of Africa”. By giving these awards yearly, Valentin hopes to motivate the present and the coming generations.


In brief: Api-Palu is a local solutions to a local problem of malaria which is threatening the whole Africa. Today, the results of “API-Bénin” are paramount:

  • creation of a local company that produces local medicine on basis of local plants
  • distribution of Api-Palu in 20 sample shops and in more than 250 pharmacies in Benin
  • production of around 20 products

Through his achievements and ambitions, Valentin Achidi Agon leads in the techniques of medical processing in Benin. He would like to be a model for his country and to inspire other citizens in Benin.


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